The Eight Points Of The Oxford Group

The Eight Points Of The Oxford Group by C. Irving Benson (published 1938) From Page 5 (pg. 31 of the .pdf):

“The initial step and the indispensable step in the quest is: ABSOLUTE SURRENDER OF OUR LIVES TO GOD. Surrender is ‘life under new management.’

Surrender is not something to be done once and for all at the start, but a process to be sustained, alike in mood and in action, all the way through. Indeed, it must be more than sustained; it must be continuously deepened and informed. Every new day must be surrendered to God. The only surrender that has value is the surrender of life in its totality. Anything conciously kept back mars everything. All that is in self, good, bad, and indifferent, must be handed over to God. He will then give back whatever is fit for us to use.”

Eight Points of the Oxford Group

This is a .pdf file you need Adobe Reader to view it.


  1. John Devito says

    Is there a copy out there that is not missing pages 28 and 29?

  2. Cherie Bolyarde says

    Also missing is page 51 and it is right in the middle of what seems to the starting point of Absolute Purity. If anyone finds these missing pages I would love to know.

  3. Cherie Bolyarde says

    I Found the book without the missing pages on Amazon.

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