Russell S. 12 Step House 2014

Russell S. at the 12 Step House in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Started 6/17/2014, step 1 was not recorded.

Step 2 – The Choice
Step 3 – The Surrender
Step 4 – That Thing
Step 5 – Humiliation, Desire and Surrender
Step 6 – Surrendered
Step 7 – At the Car Wash
Step 8 – Love Drives Out Fear
Step 9 – Doubleminded Man-Doubleminded Life
Step 10 – God-rails on the Narrow Way
Step 11 – Precarious Sobriety and the Love of this world
Step 12 – What is your Purpose?


  1. David W Greenhouse says

    Great Thanks

  2. Thanks, It always good to hear
    Russell, what a great bed time story, night night

  3. Just wish I’z there!

    The Best Dane

  4. This series is one of Russell’s best in the last few years. It is good for Oldtimers, but also for newcomers or people who don’t know much about alcoholism or who have never heard an AA speaker. He nails “the thing” in Step 4!!! Mercifully, he gives the straight talk on the Solution in the rest of the talks.
    Greetings from Switzerland!!

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