Russell S. Unity of Pompano Steps 2014

Russell S. Step Series at Unity of Pompano started March 5, 2014, Live Is Good Group. The Life Is Good meeting was moved to First United Methodist Church in Boca Raton after step 2.

Step 1
Step 2 – Road Tested
Step 3 – Once Upon a Time
Step 4 – Story 1 or Story 2
Step 5 – Connected
Step 6 – “Old Self… New Self” and the “Turned over” Life
Step 7 – The Value of Suffering and that crazy Priest
Step 8 – True Repentance & the New Freedom
Steps 9 & 10 – Taking the rest and leaving what you like
Steps 11 & 12 – A little Love for Others and Serving them when I can


  1. Mike ODonnell says

    If only i had . . . .

  2. A Camero

  3. Russell

  4. Richard S says

    Listening to Russells steps 9 and 10. We think the same.

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