Russell S. Unity of Pompano Steps 2013

Russell S. Step Series at Unity of Pompano started April 2, 2013. During Step 6 Russell reads ‘The Old Violin“.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Steps 8-9
Step 10
Step 11
Step 12


  1. Sheila Mulligan says

    Hi. I listened to 3 steps could not stop listening really enjoyed Russel S. Sheila Mulligan

  2. I auctioned my old violin,at Phils inLondon in 1980 didn’t reach reserve and someone replaced the bow,I took it sold it to a dealer,and went on a bender,It had the tone of a Strataverios!

  3. Rich Skolnik says

    Russell this 10th step talk is excellent.

  4. AMEN!!!!! God is always the answer.

  5. Mike ODonnell says

    who let Haddaway in this group???!!!!

  6. Hey Russell I had the pleasure of hearing you while in florida rehab this month. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you, and believe God is my answer to my issue. When I told the rehab I thought God was telling me to take a step of faith and to walk with him the rehab FLATC ran by Roberto Sanchez had me detained and sent to a psych ward. They claimed I said I was hearing voices from God even though I’d clearly explained is was an intuition like God was speaking to my soul and that I wasn’t hearing the voice of God they claimed I had said that. It was your talk about the peace of those in the fourth dimension that helped me find peace in the mental hospital. God gave me peace there and I put my trust in Him. I went in moday before Christmas got out 26 hours later walked in my front door in enid ok 12am Christmas morning it was a great example of God at work. Thank you. Praise God who has never let me down. I’m headed to the fourth dimension thanks great tool of our Lord.

  7. Russell Spatz says

    God is real – I am praying for you Shawn – stay close to the meetings an get a sponsor.

    May God continue to Bless you in the new Year

  8. Hey Russell this is Shawn from the post above I got some mail in today saying that I owe the hospital almost ten thousand dollars from my one day stay in the mental illness hospital. Since I was put in there based off the lies of my rehab counselor [who was fired the next time he came to work after making his claims that had me Baker acted] that was saying I was hearing voices from God and being threatening which is so far from the truth. Do you think I have any legal recourse to make them at least help me pay for this? I really just want to move past my nightmare in Florida so I can stay focused on my recovery. On a happier note I was honored by being asked to speak at church and tell how God has been working in my life which I did this last Sunday evening.

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