Russell S. The 101 Club 2012

Russell S. step series at The 101 Club in Pompano Beach Florida beginning June 29, 2012.

“The message –  has been around for centuries and was strong in EARLY AA. The more people that hear a message promoting 1935-1939 AA the more they will be dissatisfied with watered down, pasteurized and homogenized AA.

When you carry a message that seeks as its goal to “offend no-one” – you wind up with a message that has the FORM of the real deal but without POWER.

The real deal is at times offensive to many since it seeks to attack old-ideas and our selfish nature which is defiant and contrary to God’s will.

– Russell

Step 1 – Desire
Step 2 – And Nothing Less
Step 3 – What if it’s True?
Step 4 – Two Stories
Step 5 – New Freedom
Step 6 – The Narrow Way
Step 7 – The Narrow Way 2
Step 8 – Spiritual Fellowship
Step 9 – Old Bondage New Freedom
Step 10 – Continuing Down the Narrow Way
Step 11 – All In!
Step 12 – Tri Polar

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