Russell S. Step Series at Twelve Step House 2023

Russell S. Step Series at the Tuesday Night Step Group, Twelve Step House, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Started July 18, 2023.

Talk 1, “So What Was That?”

Talk 2, “Do you believe in the Big Book, or do you Believe the Big Book?”

Talk 3, “Life of Fear vs Life of Hope and The Alky Dog”

Talk 4, “The Truth That Sets Us Free”

Talk 5, “How It Really Works”

Talk 6, “The Consequence Of Your Alcoholism Is Turning Away From God”

Talk 7, “Complacency & Elation”

Talk 8, “Step 8 – Doug, the God of my understanding”

Talk 9, “Step 9 – Out The Window”

Talk 10, “Iterations of Step 10”

Talk 11, “Worldly Clamors II – Ignoring the Apples”


  1. Yeah!!!!!
    Thanks Eric !!! I’m in New York I’m glad I don’t miss Russell at all thanks to u🙏 when I was in miami I followed in person.
    I shall be back soon!!!
    Thanks a million for the wonderful service you do to us all🎉

  2. chyna beck says

    love all of Russells talks– I am #1 fan could i please get an email for him?
    Chyna in New Mexico. Knew him and his wife, Dicky when i lived in Florida.

  3. Dickenson Stone says

    I can relate to whot your saying,

  4. Thank you Russell, I celebrated 37yrs today!
    Awesome meeting you at the Ft. Lauderdale step club step series . 2021 End of the pandemic , I was on shaky ground. I’m in Palm Coast Fl home group Wedsday night Came to Believe group. I’m speaking end of the month celebration. 🙏

  5. Mary Shoucair says

    Hi Russell,
    You probably don’t this but, my mother and I saw you at Little River. We brought you a Knight wrapped in a big box. We were so grateful for moving mountains to get my sister out of Indian County Jail because they were dragging their feet in releasing her. It only took you one phone call for us to be reunited with her. Although, my mother has since past, I know in my heart she and my sister Veronica are in heaven thanking that shining silver Knight we presented to you. You will always remain our our Silver White Knight.
    Thank you for all you do Russell.
    My entire love to your family especially Dicky.

    Mary Elizabeth Shoucair
    Elise Mae Pinkard Shoucair
    Veronica Anne Shoucair

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