Russell S. Step Series at the Solutions Group 2021

Russell S. Step Series at the Solutions Group, West Dixie Club, Miami FL started October 2021.
THANK YOU to Daniel M. for capturing the days and sections I was unable to record.
Note: Some recordings are NSFW or children (explicit language).

Talk 1

Talk 2 – “Are You Ready?”

Talk 3 – “Ready or Entirely Ready” (audio improves after about 5 minutes)

Talk 4 – “Person 1 or Person 2 – Before and After”

Talk 5

Talk 6

Talk 7 – “Just A Decision Away”

Talk 8

Talk 9

Talk 10

Talk 11 – “Coming To Believe In A World Of Unbelief”


  1. Tony V aka "Big T" says

    Thanks Russel for being my Sponsor you were there on my 1st day, 1st Meeting, when I thought to myself, I’m not crazy these people are crazy! Listening to them I thought..Man I am better off than some of these People they have issues. Thanks for forcing me to make my lists and doing a full inventory of my life! and realizing the Awakening of the steps! YES I kept coming back and more was revealed as I shed off layers of insanity of my own creation. Today I am 20 and 3/4 years sober.

  2. You work for me Russ. Permanently. I remember riding with you and John Z. Every thing you said was true. Everything John Z said was true. Me with 29 years of sobriety walking away from you.
    Never realizing how screwed up I was.
    Think God i maintained sobriety and came to the realization of how messed up I really was and am. Thank God I met you and John Z. You both changed my life forever.
    37 years now. Thank God.🙏

  3. Katherine Tyson says

    Thank you, Russ; I have not heard you in a while. I met you at a Step Series for the first time when I was about one year sober. It may have been Little River Club. You brought the message that night, and I found you to be so entertaining. But, what you said as stuck with me still as I now celebrate ten years this month. Yea, I’m doing the deal. I still do meetings daily, pray, and meditate because my life may be over if I pick up. This disease wants me dead. God Bless

  4. Same story and yet I hear something different each time. Always relatable..Thanks!

  5. Jacqueline V. says

    Isn’t this lovely? A gratitude list about our dear friend Russell. Well, nothing new to add. My fellow New Yorker buddy who found God in AA And made it my religion. Love you for that. 18 years in December thanks to Jesus’ grace and friends like you who travel the road w me …. Moment at a time, we clean house, helo others, trust God and believe in grace. Love you my friend. I do believe you are getting funnier though…. Keep on keeping on ❤️🤓🙏
    Jacqueline 🙌

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