Russell S. Step Series at the Coral Room 2021

Russell S. Step Series at the Coral Room Zoom Meeting started January 2021

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4



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  1. Armindo B. says

    I enjoyed this very much!

  2. Stephen Borton says

    I love you Russell

  3. Matthew McClure says

    Russell I have been listening to your lstep Series for two years and have absolutely changed my life thank you very much for your ministry and your program🙏✝️
    Topeka, Kansas.
    ps:Will you be doing any zoom step series soon?

  4. Lance Rock says

    Great talk Russell. You have an amazing grasp on AA. Thank you.

  5. Robert Dietrich says

    I found Russell after I’ve been listening to Sandy Beach for a few years. I’ve become a Russell disciple.

  6. I relate very much
    This guy is the real deal
    Use to hate him, and now I love ❤️ Him

  7. Stephen Borton says

    Let me add to your comment. There is only one. There will never be another. Russell Spatz. He is the truth of AA. To disagree with Russell is to disagree with AA. Open your mind, relax, and listen. He can change your life. Stephen Borton.

  8. Happy 40th Birthday, Russell!

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