Russell S. Step Series at South Dixie Group 2023

Russell S. Step Series at the South Dixie Group, Miami, FL. Started March 7, 2023.
Thank you to Daniel M. for recording.

Talk 1, “The Worst AA Meeting in the History of Alcoholics Anonymous”

Talk 2

Talk 3

Talk 4

Talk 5

Talk 6

Talk 7

Talk 8

Talk 9

Talk 10

Talk 11

Talk 12


  1. Dena Dwyer says

    Are you saying ur a prophet?

    • Stephen Borton says

      I will say that. That is my opinion. I could be wrong. However my own experience has led me to that conclusion. Through Russell’s testimony I have been changed. That change he’s been a blessing🙏🙏🙏😉

      • Better watch your alcoholic ego. Just because God did great and wonderful things for us doesn’t make us the second coming of Paul. Alcoholics, usually fresh sober, going on ego trips like this are a dime a dozen and usually end in crash and burn, often drunk. I was like this decades ago, fresh sober, no load piece of crap couldn’t even raise my own kids thought I could raise the dead. It didn’t end well.

        • Russell S has the walk to back up his talk, but even he has the old alcoholic ego to keep on top of.

        • Yep. Generally we tend to point a finger when three are pointing straight back at us.
          And, see, the thing is this. Russell did raise his own kids. Russell did raise grandchildren. Russell did have a successful career. Russell did open soup kitchens, aid the homeless and poor. Russell has a lifetime, stable marriage. Russell has founded AA groups and sponsored hundreds. So, yeah,perhaps it would be wise to take a good look at the direction those three fingers are pointing, my friend.

  2. Russel has changed the way I view recovery and AA. Thank you for that.

  3. Larry Wegs says

    I have been listening to Russell for almost 5 years on That’s where I learned the Solution is in the Big Book, that the Solution comes from the Bible, and that the Essential parts are Mathew 5,6 &7, 1st Corinthians 13, and the Book of James. Thank you Russell.

  4. Chyna beck says

    Russell I miss you! I would like email connection. Chyna in new mex
    Regards to Dickey

  5. I am such a fan/student of Russell. His direct loving spiritual approach has often saved me from errors and actions. My deceased sponsor, Lyn D- adored him and taught me to also adore him…… It seems sometimes when people are very confident and direct some may interpret as “ego”– I see it as the confidence in self that I have gained in AA. I am a product in AA of mentors such as Russell and approach 22 yrs sober. Sober under his teaching in Miami as well as others. I am so grateful for Russell… Russell, can you email me pls? have an AA question Chyna

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