Russell S. Step Series at Sixth Sense Group 2023

Russell S. Step Series at the Sixth Sense Group, North Miami, FL. Started January 2023.
Thank you to David D. for recording.

Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3

Talk 4, “The Two Stories”

Talk 5, “The Genuine Article”

Talk 6, “Becoming Ready”

Talk 7, “Becoming Part 2”

Talk 8, “Basically a Good Boy”

Talk 9, “Surrender & Submission”

Talk 10

Talk 11

Talk 12, “A Vision of My Purpose”


  1. Kevin G. Damm says

    Hey Eric. My name is Kevin D Im a New Yorker living in Bangkok. Ive know Russell for many years and love listening to him and Stevie. Paul E was my sponsor in New York 19 years ago. I was saddened to hear about his passing. Please keep doing what your doing. I love south Florida AA. Is there a way to text Russell?

    Many Thanks 🙏

    Don’t forget to count your blessings. K.

  2. Just google his law firm.

  3. Love listening to Russell on my way to and from work each day. I heard that this Step series is on Zoom. Can someone send me the Zoom link please? Would love to attend online. Love to you all from Winterthur, Switzerland!

    • Hi Bruce I sent you an email.

      • Hi Eric.
        Please could you send me the link too.

        Jim H
        Cornwall UK

        • Paul Sadler says

          Hey Jim H, great to see you are in Cornwall. My first meeting was at the Hayle, Friday evening meeting. I now live in China. I will return to the UK this autumn and will definitely be heading for Cornwall to catch up my lifelong friends. Where do you go to meetings?

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