Russell S. Step Series at Life Is Good Group – Spring 2023

Russell S. Step Series at the Life Is Good Group, Boca Raton, FL. Started May 18, 2023.
Thank you to Daniel M. and Sheldon B. for the recordings.

Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3

Talk 4 – “Step 4 while looking in the Mirror of Step 6”

Talk 5 – “Breaking Away from the Bucket of Crabs”

Talk 6 – “Material World”

Talk 7 – “Life In The Blender”

Talk 8 – “No Regrets”

Talk 9 – “Cracks In The Foundation”

Talk 10

Talk 11- Part 1

Talk 11-Part 2 (a.k.a 12th talk)

Talk 13


  1. Russell is wonderfull I don’t miss him at all. Every week I wait for him and you Eric are awesome for doing this recording s
    This whole step series for some reason the microphone has been very far from Russell which makes very difficult to hear and this last talk 9 besides having his voices right a away there was somebody playing with his own or ooncil right on the microphone which made it a nightmare to listen to Rusell.
    I hope you fix this fir the benefit of all, his is far and towards the end someone played with his pen right on top of the microphone
    Other than that you guyss are God sent
    A d I only ha e gratitude for u

    • These recordings are generously created by attendees. They are not using professional recording equipment, and the microphone will pick up room sounds and echoes that are occurring. If you know of someone with the ability to edit the recordings please ask them to contact me here:

      Thank you

  2. Does anyone know which zoom meetings russel or any of the other guys go to im from calgary alberta.would love to join

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