Russell S. Little River Club 2013

Russell S. at the Little River Club, Miami, FL

Step 1 – The worst 4th Step Meeting In The History Of AA
Step 2 – You Can Be Both
Step 3 – And Nothing Less
Step 4 – A Little Off
Step 5 – Transparent
Step 6 – Those Words On The Wall
Step 7 – missing
Step 8 – Strong Coffee
Step 9 – Strong Coffee II
Step 10 – Which Program Are You Working?
Step 11 – A Different Deal
Step 12 – A Servants Heart


  1. Blake Turizo says

    All brilliantly camouflaged 3rd step talks.

  2. olga garcia navarro says

    Loved the 5th step talk. Transparency as I see it boils down to dispensing with defense mechanisms and pride to be real. The exact nature of my wrongs as I see it is admitting that fear and pride propelled a lifetime of “driving the car” in reverse regarding the thinking and behaviors that thwarted any attempt at a life of harmony and puropse.

  3. Rafael Parra says

    I want to thank for bring me closer to God like never before, especially to Russell Spatz for being such an inspiration. Thank God.

  4. thank you i feel pretty much like rafael
    thank you Lord for
    russell now i love you
    god bless to all in sobriety

  5. Stephanie F. says

    A heartfelt thank you to Russell S. Thank you for your service! A shining example of what this program is all about!

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