Russell S. Killian Pines Group 2013

Russell S. at the Killian Pines Group (Earlier steps not recorded).

Step 6 – Surrender_and_Separate
Step 7 – MORE
Steps 8 & 9 – Despicable Me
Step 10 – Spiritual Axiom-The Key to Freedom
Step 11 – Even More!


  1. Sandy Reitmire says

    I was so looking forward to meeting Russell at the First International AA History Conference in Portland Maine. I brought 11 people with me. Hoping I will have another opportunity to meet Russell. I receive so much from his shares. Thank you, Thank you.

    • Russell Spatz says

      I am sorry I was not able to make it to Portland – but I hope you can make it to Sunny Miami in February for the CrossFlorida conference.


  2. I hope you can join us next February in Miami for the Cross Florida Conference

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