Russell S. at Serenity Improvement Zoom 2022

Russell S. at Serenity Improvement Zoom 2022.

Serenity Improvement Zoom


  1. Thank you, Russell; it was so lovely to hear your talk again. I now have 11 years of Sobriety. You were one of the people I was told to visit for a 12 Step series at the Little River Club. People were packed in to see you like you were a Rock Star. I feel you are a Rock Star for God and AA. I heard your talk, and it still has not changed. The message to me, and it still is, “Glory be to God, without him I had nothing; with God, I have been reborn, sober, happy, and accessible. For me now, my greatest joy is carrying the message to others. To God be the Glory; I am free.

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