Russell S. 12 Step House 2012

Russell S. 12 step series at the 12 Step House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, started September 2012.

Step 1 – Glass Ceiling

Step 2 – You Can Be Both

Step 3 – A Real Surrender

Step 4 – Up-setable

Step 5 – Loneliness

Step 6 – Seriously Speaking

Step 7 Was Not Recorded

Step 8 – NOT Entertainment

Step 9 – Between Here and Alpha Centuri

Step 10 – 18 inches

Step 11 – FOCUS

Step 12 – Not for a Million Dollars


  1. Michael McG says

    After listening to Russell S. recordings and learning a little more about the history of A.A. I have finally realized why I have not been able to stay sober for any length of time. Its time to give it all to GOD. I have been playing GOD way to long and have received the same results. Thanks….

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