Russell S. KISS Group 2013

Russell S. Step Series at KISS Group, Back On Track Clubhouse, North Miami, FL. Started November 2013

Step 1 – Intro
Step 2 – Life of Faith Life of Fear
Step 3 – Thoroughly
Step 4 – New Freedom
Step 5 – Profound Personality Change and Paradigm Shift
Step 6 – Meshuga
Step 7 – Feelings and Embracing the Pain
Step 8 – Get the Milk!
Step 9 – Culture of FEAR and Self Condemnation
Step 10 – Continuation Compulsion
Step 11 – In The World Yet Not Of The World
Step 12 – A kindly act ain’t enuf and the Servant Leader


  1. Charlie Buckwalter says

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I need this and appreciate it very much. God bless you!


  2. Steven D. Strinko says

    Always enjoy and motivated by listening to Russell S. Great to find his AA talks here at

  3. Valerie "Came to Believe Group" Zurich says

    This is a great step series! Rocketing!

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