Russell S. KISS Group 2013

Russell S. Step Series at KISS Group, Back On Track Clubhouse, North Miami, FL. Started November 2013

Step 1 – Intro
Step 2 – Life of Faith Life of Fear
Step 3 – Thoroughly
Step 4 – New Freedom
Step 5 – Profound Personality Change and Paradigm Shift
Step 6 – Meshuga
Step 7 – Feelings and Embracing the Pain
Step 8 – Get the Milk!
Step 9 – Culture of FEAR and Self Condemnation
Step 10 – Continuation Compulsion
Step 11 – In The World Yet Not Of The World
Step 12 – A kindly act ain’t enuf and the Servant Leader


  1. Charlie Buckwalter says:

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I need this and appreciate it very much. God bless you!


  2. Steven D. Strinko says:

    Always enjoy and motivated by listening to Russell S. Great to find his AA talks here at

  3. Valerie "Came to Believe Group" Zurich says:

    This is a great step series! Rocketing!

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