Peter M. Unity of Pompano Steps 2013

Peter M. Step Series at Unity of Pompano started September, 2013

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Steps 3 & 4
Steps 4 & 5
Step 5
Steps 5 & 6
Step 12
Step 12 – Take 2


  1. Peter M.’s message is saving my life!!!!! Thanks Peter, you are a blessing from GOD! I thank God and praise GOD! I pray to be able to share his The TRUE AA message from GOD through Peter M.!

  2. The question is and always been for me ….”Am I willing to live on terms that are NOT my own????”. The answer is (and I am willing to do whatever it takes live up to this answer) ….. a resounding …YES! In addition, I must accept the statement… “If I continue to get what I Want …. I will continue to want more or something else … NEVER to be satisfied! It’s no longer about what
    I want …it’s about what GOD Wants through me.”

  3. Yes!

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