If you need assistance or have a request (for a feature, group, etc.) please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk.


(I’m working on this, below is what I have so far 🙂 )

Q. I can’t login!!!!

A. Please note that you do not have to register in order to play or download the recordings. After you register you must click on the link in the Activation email sent to you after you register, otherwise you won’t be able to login. If you keep trying to login before you click the link in the activation email you will be completely locked out for a while. Please make sure you have the email address ‘wordpress – at –’ in your address book, along with my email address ‘eric – at –’. If your password doesn’t seem to work use this lost password link. If you don’t receive the activation email please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk.

Q. What the heck is this?

A. has a small collection of AA Speaker recordings. Most of these are focused on God. This is also a place where you can create fellowship with other members.

Q. How do people register on

A. Click the ‘Register’ link on the very top menu bar (top left side of the page). Then check your email you need to acknowledge using the link in the email to activate your account.

Q. What do people do after registration?

A. Whatever you want, but here’s some suggestions:

  • Subscribe to the mailing list and confirm via the email you’ll receive after you subscribe.
  • Edit your Profile. Update your Location & Bio. Add your own Avatar to make your profile really yours (if you use your avatar will update based on your email address).
  • Visit the Rocketed Forums and introduce yourself to the other members.
  • Send Friend Invites to other members.
  • Use the Helpdesk or Private Message to me submit a request to create a new Group. After you have your own Group you can invite your Friends to the group and participate in conversations outside of the main forum. Your Group can be public or private, your choice.
  • You can send Public or Private Messages to other members.
  • I’m sure there’s more, I’m still figuring it out myself. 🙂

Q. Is this site safe and secure?

A. I’m using many security tactics and processes but the site does not have an SSL certificate installed. There are also many people and computer bots on the internet with bad intentions. I suggest you do not post information that is highly personal and also make sure you use a complex password that you do not use on any other sites. In general if you create and use a private Group Forum that area will be less likely to be seen by others, but there are no guarantees. Treat this site like it was a public bulletin board.

Q. How to download files? How to burn a CD?

A. See the Assistance with computer audio files page.

Q. How do I change my name? I thought this was anonymous I don’t want people to see my last name!@!!#$!

A. See this page

Q. My question wasn’t answered above.

A. Please submit your question in a ticket to the Helpdesk.


  1. Ric says:

    This changing to a “social” network, has not been a good thing for me.
    Please help tel me how I can now right click to save the link to my desktop so I can burn CD to listen to my long ride to work.

    Seems in the last week that option isn’t working for me. Thank you, Ric at

    • Eric S. says:

      Hi Ric –
      One thing that did not change when I changed the site is the recordings link behavior. Try left-clicking the link and when it starts to play, the word “download” should appear just below, and you should be able to click the “download” link to download.

      If that doesn’t work please use the “contact” form (link near top of the page) to email me directly. Include what type of operating system and browser you’re using and I’ll try to help further.

      – Eric

  2. Mike Byron says:

    Good afternoon Eric, this is Mike B. I was wondering if anywhere on the site it has upcoming speaking commitments so I can know who is speaking when and where.

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