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Q. What the heck is this?

A. has a small collection of AA Speaker recordings. Most of these are focused on God.

Q. How to download files? How to burn a CD?

A. See the Assistance with computer audio files page.

Q. My question wasn’t answered above.

A. Please use the Contact form.


  1. This changing to a “social” network, has not been a good thing for me.
    Please help tel me how I can now right click to save the link to my desktop so I can burn CD to listen to my long ride to work.

    Seems in the last week that option isn’t working for me. Thank you, Ric at

    • Hi Ric –
      One thing that did not change when I changed the site is the recordings link behavior. Try left-clicking the link and when it starts to play, the word “download” should appear just below, and you should be able to click the “download” link to download.

      If that doesn’t work please use the “contact” form (link near top of the page) to email me directly. Include what type of operating system and browser you’re using and I’ll try to help further.

      – Eric

  2. Good afternoon Eric, this is Mike B. I was wondering if anywhere on the site it has upcoming speaking commitments so I can know who is speaking when and where.

  3. Where and when is russel s doing a step series on zoom please